TORONTO HINDU DHARMIC SABHA ( Shri Krishna Mandir) opened it's door over twenty-five years ago with the purpose of promoting Shri Satya Sanatam Dharma and Culture in the community. Over the years we have evolved as an organisation that provides a haven where devotees can congregate and worship together in a safe enviroment and harness the spiritual energy of Bhagwan and enjoy an educational development.

The Toronto Hindu Dharmic Sabha is a Federally registered non Profit Organisation involved in teaching and promoting Vedic Dharma and it's culture to all. Today our vision still include the aforementioned, but as we continue to evolve, we want to be able to deliver our teachings to the youths in a way that is congruent with current learning trends and to keep them interested in the culture, religious beliefs and spiritual enlightenement in our Dharma.

0ur mission:
  • @ To continue to offer the teachings of the Hindu Philosphy
  • @ To share with those willing to absorb the knowledge
  • @ To strenghten their belief with Dharma
  • @ To create an evromentment that will assist in achieving oneness with the supreme
  • @ To develop and guide the youths to take over the Leadership.

Why us


Our continued commitment is to continue coaching devotees to mature and strenghten their personal relationship with with the Divine. Towards this objective, we provide yoga,music and tutoring to students to improve their grades in school.


  • ->We simplyfy and educate devotees in the daily practices of Dharma
  • ->We help devotees to build strong relationship within the family
  • ->We coach devotees to become ambassadors of our Dharma
  • ->We provide Marriage Counselling
  • ->We provide Youth Counselling


We are fortunate to have Pandits, who are experienced in Karmkand and have years of experience in the field. Our Pandits are always available to take care of the needs of devotees. Currently, our Mandir is opened Mondays to Fridays and Sundays. Puja is being done morning and evenings and a Pandit is there to conduct Puja. Our Pandits are available to Perferm all Sanskars: .

  • @ Upnayan Sanskaar
  • @ Mundan Sanskaar
  • @ Vivah Sanskaar
  • @ Mool Shanti path etc

Join US

We encourage you to join us, so we can together build our relationship between human beings and the Creator